The Visit , Thanks Corgan

The Visit Spring of 2013, just like any other spring, or was it? My thought was to go to Colorado and visit my son and my ever so cool grandson. I drove out thru South Dakota and run into some pretty interesting weather. The rain then sleet and some big snowflake was a pretty site […]



Now if looks could kill I think a lot of us men would be no more. I have learned over the years that most women I’ve known anyway do not like to get up in the morning.  This is not true for this little gal. It’s balls to the wall when it comes to killing […]


Humbling Experience

There I was just talking to the owner of the land telling him about the three mounts that I have. The standard fan mount, the half mount and the mack daddy the full mount. Well, I guess I talk so much and BS so much he asked me are you not going hunting? (He gave […]

Welcome to Rawescapes

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my new Website. I’m excited to share with you my new line of Turkey Fan Mounts that will forever preserve those hunting memories. I can remember so many times when I wondered where the heck I shot that bird. I guess this was the main reason I started […]