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Are you looking for a wild turkey fan mount? RAWESCAPES has been crafting handmade mounts out of wood for over ten years. All of the custom mounts we sell are designed to proudly display your turkey tail feathers, wings, beard or spurs from the state in which you hunted your turkey. You’ll never forget where you shot that bird again. We have three different types or styles of turkey fan mounts for sale. Each is unique and displays your trophy kill in several different ways.

Like I mentioned, you have three choices in plaque styles, the standard, half, and the full mount to choose from. You will see the difference when you “choose style” from the drop-down menu. I apologize but I do not have all the photos of all the states. So when you make a selection your state might not show up. However, the default image will. This should give you a good idea of what yours would look like with your preferred state plaque.

Looking for something more custom?

Some great custom turkey tail mounting ideas would be you could add your shell casings, photo, or even the date when you shot your bird. You could add both if you’d like. You can get all our wild turkey tail mounting kits with or without the turkey laser on the front of the plaque. We’ve had a few requests for a mount with a picture frame. We can do that as well. We’ve also been starting to mount the whole turkey (case by case basis please call for availability).

Honestly though, depending on your preference, your wild turkey tail feathers State plaque can be customized any way you’d like.

If you’d like to talk more about your custom wild turkey tail mount ideas just shoot me an email from the contact form below or call (320) 428-0010 and leave a message if I don’t answer, thanks.

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These wild turkey mounting kits look great over a fireplace. They are the perfect gift for that hunter or hunters in your life. Especially if you’ve been hunting for a long time. It’s nice to look at the state turkey mount and see where you shot your turkey. You can read our installation guide here.

Choose from 3 different mounts for your turkey fan

Standard: Our first model is our most basic turkey feathers mounting kit. It comes with the turkey fan mount and beard options. All state plaques come standard with the turkey laser.

Half Mount: Our half mount allows you to add the turkey fan, beard, and the legs/spurs. It’s perfect for all hunters.

Full Mount: Our full turkey wing mount combo is by far our most popular mount we sell. You can actually get very creative with the plaque options. You can add the tail feathers, wings, beard, and the feet. People sometimes just want the spurs, it just depends on your preference. If you have other ideas we’d love to hear about them.

Just give me a call if you’d like to talk more about your custom turkey fan mount or just email me You can use the contact form below. You can also call (320) 428-0010. Leave a message if I happen to not answer, thanks.


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Contact me about your custom turkey fan mount.

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    This is the best mount ever. The thing is my wife likes it too. Thanks a lot.

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