I just wanted to thank you for a great product. When I’m able to start hunting other states you will be my go to mount dealer. I appreciate it! I would attach a photo but it won’t let me. Turned out great!


AMAZING QUALITY, Absolutely loved my full turkey wing and fan mount! Great product. Thanks Randy


Very nice mounting kit and smooth and easy transaction! I bought the full mount kit and added (2) hose clamps on each side to mount the wings and allow for easy removal.


Randy my wife is so happy to have my stack of turkey fans gone and not sitting in her way more. I’m gonna get the full mount next time. Wife says the legs creep her out and it will have to be in the garage. ty randy


I have gotten two turkey mounts and am going to get another.
They look great.


Randy has been great to work with! You get to customize his product to fit your needs/want. I got lucky enough to kill 2 birds with 1 shot this year, Randy came up with some good ideas and took my ideas into play and will be making a great product. I have not yet mounted the bird but I will post on how it turns out. . . Good luck hunting!


The full mount is awesome! Looks great on the wall. Thanks!


I got my mount put up and it is great! A little complicated for me to put together (I am 12) but I did it and it turned out really really nice and looks good on my wall.


I am at three mounts and ordered two more for my Kansas birds. The look great and are easy to use.. Thanks Randy.

-Jim P